“The Baroque Orchestra of Seville, probably the best example of stable baroque orchestra that exists in this country for decades” Codalario

The Baroque Orchestra of Seville, joint project of Ventura Rico, co-founder , and Pedro Gandía Martín, current artistic director, is unquestionably placed in the first level of the spanish groups that are dedicated to the interpretation of ancient music with historicist criteria. Its artistic activity takes place in the most important spanish and european stages, with an important presence in Seville and Andalusia. Since its foundation in 1995, it has counted with the collaboration of international figures such as Gustav Leonhardt, Christophe Coin, Sigiswald Kuijken, Jordi Savall, Monica Huggett, Diego Fasolis and Enrico Onofri, among others.

The OBS has recorded a large collection of heritage repertoire on its label, OBS-Prometeo, in addition to collaborating with the record labels Harmonia Mundi, Lindoro, Almaviva, and more recently with the Belgian label Passacaille. It has received distinctions such as the Editor’s Choice of the Gramophone magazine, Excepcional de Scherzo, Ritmo Parade, Recomendable of Cd Compact and AudioClásica, 5 stars Goldberg, Melómano de Oro, etc.

In 2011 It was awarded the National Music Award. It has also obtained the 2010 Manuel de Falla Award, the 2011 FestClásica Award and an Honorific Distinction from the Seville City Council. The OBS has the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, City of Seville and University of Seville.

… the chromatic richness and rhetorical emphasis of the Baroque Orchestra of Seville, fabulous, exuberant and magmatic …’ El País

‘The instrumentalists, in absolute state of grace, demonstrated the reason for their unanimous recognition: vertiginous times undertaken with astonishing transparency in connivance with delicate textures, exciting conjunction of a very rich instrumentation …, delicious ornamentations, expressiveness in the flesh in the slow passages … Simply, an extraordinary Bach for its brilliance and depth … Flagship of his country, the public stood up to cheer the OBS with their ovations. ‘ Thüringische Landeszeitung

‘Few compliments can be poured on the Baroque Orchestra of Seville that has not already been cast … We are before one of the best historicist orchestras in the world.’ El Arte de la Fuga

‘… There is a timbre work in this orchestra that goes far beyond the mere impasto: it is a meticulous planning on how to magnify the affections, a good sounding manual …’ Beckmesser

‘… superb interpretation from the pit of the Baroque Orchestra of Seville …’ ABC