María José Arenas, composer

In recent years, María José Arenas has become one of the most acclaimed young composers by the most representative performers of the national and international scene, as well as by various music festivals. With the approval of the public in each premiere and concert, her work, energetic and sonorous, traces a thread between experience and reflection to give as a result a wide catalog of pieces that demand of the interpreters a deepening in the meaning of the discourse.

Among her most outstanding works for various musical formations are titles such as Resiliencias, premiered by the Trío Arbós, Maktub I, performed by Alejandro Bustamante, Orson Welles for children, performed by Iván Martín, Maktub II, premiered by Cristina Montes or El Sanatorio de los incurables, premiered by the Cordoba Orchestra, among others.

In her research work highlights her study on “The pianistic work of David del Puerto”, becoming one of the top specialists in the composer’s piano work.