Born in Cádiz in 2008, she began studying piano and cello at four and a half years old, with her mother Patricia Vázquez García. At the present time he also assiduously receives classes from the Spanish pianist Luis Fernando Pérez.

She has completed advanced courses with Guillermo González, Benedicte Palko, Graham Jackson, Nino Kereslizde, Luis Fernando Pérez, Angel Sanzo, Juan Lago, Jorge Pepi-Alos, Edith Fischer and Galina Eguiarazova.

In May 2016, she won the first prize of the IV contest of young interpreters of Sanlúcar in the category of up to 13 years. In November 2016, she obtains the first prize in category A, up to 12 years in the Santa Cecilia children’s contest “Fundación Don Juan de Borbón” held in Segovia. In December 2016 she won the first prize of the III contest organized by EPTA in Madrid, thanks to which she offers a concert at the Museum of Romanticism in Madrid. In April of 2017 she obtains the second prize of the international contest of Leganés, as well as the special prize of the jury; the first prize of the V contest of young performers of Sanlúcar, category up to 13 years and the first absolute prize of the category up to 13 years of the international competition Ciudad de Sevilla “Julio García Casas”. In June 2017 she obtains the first prize in the “II piano contest Casio Cerviano” in Madrid. In June 2017, she also obtained special mention in the Ricard Viñes piano Kids and Youth and the 1st prize in the VI international contest Esteban Sánchez (up to 14 years). In July of 2017 she plays at the 42nd Segovia music festival. In September of 2017 she obtains the first prize of the II piano competition “Ciudad de Jerez”.

In November 2017 she participated in the IV Hispano-Russian festival of young talents, organized by the UCA, making a concert tour. In April 2018, she obtained the second prize in the VI contest of young performers of Sanlúcar.

In May 2018 she won the first prize unanimously in the III Rotary Club Marbella Music Contest and the special award of the OFM. In June 2018 she won a first prize at the 8th International PianoTalents Competition Milan.

In June of 2018 she made her debut with orchestra with the concert in Re Mayor by Haydn at the Gran Teatro Falla of Cádiz.

        In September of 2018 she obtains the third prize in the IV Arthur Rubinstein Institute Competition. Participate with a concert representing Spain at the 40th international EPTA conference in Valetta (Malta).

In December 2018 she won the first prize of the Cesar Franck competition contest, held in Brussels, where she was offered a scholarship to hold a masterclass and concert in Italy in the summer of 2019. In February / March 2019 she was invited to a masterclass and a series of concerts in South Africa.