ARMANDO CAPILLA, percussion​

Armando Capilla Delgado was born on 1 January 1992 in San Juan del Puerto (Huelva)
He graduated in percussion at the CSM ‘Manuel Castillo’ (Seville) graduated in the ABRSM. He started his studies in classical and modern percussion in the Municipal School of Music in Moguer from 2004 under the direction of Juan Antonio García Delgado and parallel with Iñaki Martín, (percussion soloist in the Real Orquesta Sinfónica of Seville) in Seville from 2009, as well as receiving supplementary classes from Baldomero Llorens (percussionist with the municipal band of Seville), from Santiago Miñana Osca (percussionist with the municipal band of Seville), Antonio José Herrera Molina (tutor in the superior conservatory ‘Victoria Eugenia’ in Granada), Torsten Schönfeld (soloist Stratskapelle in Berlin), Juanjo Guile (soloist ONE), Javier Eguillor (soloist Orquesta of Valencia), Mark Brafhaart (soloist Royal Concertgebouw), Nick Woud (soloist Royal Concertgebouw).
He has recorded audiovisuals for Canal Sur Andalusia, he has also performed with the Banda
Municipal of Seville under the baton of Francisco Javier Gutierrez Juan ( Principal Music Director) guest directors such as Lucidio Quintero Simancas (director of the official concert band Simón Bolívar in Venezuela), Juan José Navarro Hernández (Director of the Municipal Band of Almería), Marcel Van Bree (Director of the Municipal Band of Colombia), José Carlos Seráns Oliveira ( Director of the Municipal Band of Santiago de Compostela). He has performed in concerts and symphonic musicals with the Symphonic Band of the Municipal Music School of Moguer as well as accompanying front line artists on some of the most important stages in Spain such as the FIBES auditorium, Palacio de Congresos of Granada, Mozart Hall (Zaragoza), Teatro Lope de Vega (Seville), Teatro Compact Gran Via, Teatro Villamarta, Palau San Jordi etc.
He belongs to the percussion group ‘Drummers Dreamers’ directed by the maestro Iñaki Martín and created within the Conservatory of Sanlúcar La Mayor (Seville) with whom he has performed several concerts as well as recording a monographic CD with the Chilean guitarist Marcelo de la Puebla included in which is the concert for guitar and percussion by the composer Gustavo Becerra.
He has been part of different youth national and international orchestras such as the Orquesta Joven of Extremadura, Orquesta Joven of the Mediterranean, Orquesta Joven of Aljarafe, Andalusian programme for young interpreters etc.
A student of the orchestral academy BARENBOIN-SAID and of the international percussion centre Valencia Percussion Academy (VPA) where he received classes from teachers like Víctor Seguro Raga (soloist in the Orquesta of Extremadura), Josep Furió (soloist in the Orquesta of the Comunidad de Valencia), Willy Hilgers (soloist in the Opera of Munich), José Trigueros (soloist in the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia), etc.
He has been a habitual collaborator in different professional orchestras such as the Real Orquesta Sinfónica of Seville (ROSS), Symphonic Orchestra of Cordoba (OdC), Orchestra of Extremadura (OEX), Orquesta Freixenet of the ESMRS (Escuela Superior Reina Sofía) all of which he shares with his teaching work in the Municipal School of Music in Moguer (Huelva).