ANA VEGA TOSCANO, presenter​

Originally from Huelva and with a polyfacetic career centred in the synergy of music with other art forms, Ana Vega Toscano has ample training. An awarded graduate of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid, she has also graduated in journalism and in Geography and History (specialising in History of Art) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), as well as graduating in Audiovisual Communication from the Instituto de RTVE and DEA (Diploma in Advanced Studies) from the Department of Art III from the Faculty of Philosophy in UCM. She perfected her musical training with specialised courses from prestigious institutions: contemporary piano with Pedro Espinosa (University of Salamanca and CBA in Madrid), electroacoustic music in the LIEMCDMC of the Ministry of Culture, Gregorian Chant in the Abbey of Sto. Domingo de Silos, and she completed her scenic training studying vocal technique with Jorge Uribe, and flamenco dancing in the school of Amor de Dios and in the Fundación Casa Patas, and ethnic-contemporary dancing in the Espacio Fusion Art.

She has recorded numerous monographic discs for piano (Piano de la Generation del 27, Piano en el Salon Romantic Español, Aires españoles y piezas expresivas de Santiago de Massarnau, Cervantes y el Quijote en el piano, integral of the pianistic piece by María Escribano and Adolfo Núñez), and she has starred in the debut of a great number of works by
contemporary composers, many of these dedicated. The concerts that stand out her special ones for the Teatro Real, Museo Reina Victoria, Museo Guggenheim in Bilbao, Auditorio Nacional, and also as an invited guest in several festivals: Festival de Otoño in Madrid, Otoño Soriano, Festival of Alicante, Festival de Música Latinoamericana in Caracas, Festival of the DGM in Weimar, Jubileo 2000 in Rome, Festival de Música Electroacústica in Brasilia. In the field of composition she has worked fundamentally in incidental music in theatre and radio, and on numerous occasions she has stepped into the field of improvised creation, where she normally collaborates with the composer Marisa Manchado (duo Anmar). She also has a contemporary and electroacoustic creation duo with the composer Adolfo Núñez, and in chamber music a duo of piano with four hands and two pianos with Clara Romero (Dúo Romero/Vega). As an actress and performer she has worked in the Centro de Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas under the direction of Guillermo Heras in La Risa de los huesos by Bergamín, and in partituras-performance like Préstame 88 by Jerez/Iges, Cos’hanno a che vedere la polifonía e la zoofilia?, By E. Polonio, La Ciudad by J. Iges, or in radiophonic creations like Zambra 44.1 by A Núñez and many written especially for her. 

She is the author of the disc-books Canciones de lucha (Dahiz), and Fantasía Cinematográfica (RTVE-Música), and of an Antología de Studios para piano en la música española del Silo XIX in a critical edition for the ICCMU. In the field of research, her works have appeared in several records of national and international congresses, books and scientific magazines. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Musicology, and later on the Editorial Board of the Revista de Musicología. She is also a journalist in Radiotelevisión Española, where she has directed and presented numerous programmes in RNE and La 2 of TVE, and Lecturer in the Autonomy University of Madrid. 

As a writer and journalist she has published in different editions of (Scherzo, Ritmo, Historia, among others) articles, interviews commentaries and essays, and she is the author of several scripts for radio and television; she has also been Deputy Director at the magazine Ritmo, Vice-president of the Asociacón de Mujeres en la Música, Director of Radio Clásica and member of the board of the Grupo de Música of the European Union of Radiotelevisión (UER-EBU), and also a member of the jury of the International Tribunal of Composers of the Unesco and Delegate in the Ars Acustica of the UER-EBU group.